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Start showing off your floors to anyone who will listen when you take advantage of our distressed and antique flooring services. This look gives your living area character in a way that you never thought was possible! Call today to get one step closer to the floor of your dreams.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are happy, so are we- and that is part of the reason why we are one of the top selling wood flooring companies in Minnesota!

Bring your home to life with new flooring

Trust in our almost 30 years of experience to conquer your flooring project

Get the distressed look you crave on your wood floors with the use of hand scraping. It is the most common distressing technique and uses tools such as chisels, planes, wire brushes, awls, ice picks and grinders in order to achieve an antique finish.

The art of hand scraping

• Antique Oak

• Antique Poplar

• Antique Hemlock

• Antique Heart Pine

Distressed and antique flooring options

Opt for the distressed flooring option performed by our family owned company.


• Antique Distressed Oak

• Antique American Chestnut

• Antique Distressed White Pine

• Antique Distressed American Chestnut

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